Hola Friends!

I hope your November is going well even with these trying times in human history we call 2020. With most of us being cooped up inside by ourselves, significant others, kids, or relatives it's been interesting, fun, challenging, and might be eye-opening for most of us.

It's Thanksgiving week here in the US with the current restrictions for gatherings most will opt out of the big gatherings and keep everyone safe (I hope so). And back home in the Philippines, it will be a different December all together or Christmas that is. 

Mga inaanak pass muna sa pasko ;). In all seriousness, if you can and want to share some of your blessings to inaanaks, relatives and friends there are some quick, easy, and safe ways to send money to the Philippines, 

Just stumble upon Cebuana's Quikz app you can sign up over at Send Money via Cebuana and use code LOOA0323 we both earn $15 on your first transfer, and thank you.

You can also use promo code 3FREE, to get a free transfer fee for your next 3 transfers. I don't think you can stack them up though, so do your calculations as to which route to go :) 

Happy Holidays! 


Imagine this you are sitting on your couch on "Netflix and Chill" sipping your slow hot slow drip coffee that you just made using your fancy Chemex and you realized forgot to send Christmas presents for your parents. Now you are in trouble, my friend.

But no worries you can send them some quick cash using Remitly, head over to Remitly SignUp to create your account and send money to your love ones back home in minutes. You would need your bank account number and routing number or your debit card information to sign up for an account.

They have different options on how your love ones receive your remittance to them, some of the options are direct bank deposit, cash picks up, mobile money, and home delivery via LBC. Remitly charges $3.99 for a bank deposit, cash pickup, mobile money, or home delivery, for up to $999.99, and its $0.0 delivery fee after that. These delivery fee charges are only applicable when sending from USD to PHP, your guess is good as mine this is how they earn money on top of the delivery fee or any transfer over 1K. So technically it's not really free it's freemium they locked you in with a rate a bit lower than the market rate is.

Word of caution if you are transferring money that is over 1K or over 10K you might be better doing a bank transfer to the Philippines if your love ones have a dollar account back home. Remitly is great for quick small transfer that you want to get done right away or with instant gratification like a millennial would want ;) In all seriousness if you want it quick their BPI, BDO bank transfers are almost instant. Rate sheet for their transfers.

Head over to this link for more information on Remitly Partners, on their sending options in the Philippines. Here are some of their preferred partners in the Philippines. 


 If you have questions feel free to leave a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


P.S. if you did not pick up the joke about Netflix and chill read over to N&C Wikipedia Page ;)

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