Hello Friends!

One thing I miss a lot about being back home in the Philippines is food and not having to prepare my meals for sustenance. 

Here I am now back in Detroit and having to cook or prepare my own meal, or I can always do take out or do fast food which will have to negative effect break the bank and having to eat unhealthy food most of the time than I would want. Or maybe pizza and to go Thai food is not bad at all right?

That could go against you in a couple of ways first it makes your belly fatter and your wallet thinner, I would think you want the inverse of that.

One strategy I'm using on the shoebox is preparing meals that I consume for my sustenance for a couple of weeks. Which usually consist of protein meals with a side of carbs either rice or quinoa which are pretty much my staple. 

Here are some pictures of some meals I prepared using Insta Pot. 

Baked Salmon with Quinoa 


Just Salmon


Just Filipino Beef Mechado (Beef Stew)


Filipino Beef Mechado with White Rice


Filipino Chicken Adobo with White Rice


When preparing these meals I used an Instant Pot to speed up the process and since inside my shoebox, I only have a tiny two burner electric stovetop. There is a version of the InstantPot that comes with the Air Fryer Lid and the default pressure cooker. Or if you already have the 

It usually takes me about 4-5 hours every two weeks working on preparing meals, this might seems a lot of time to prepare meals. But on the positive side, this frees up my time for the next couple of days not having to worry about what to have for lunch. I say lunch since I only eat one full meal a day and usually have salad greens, bagel, or a protein shake at night. 

This strategy has been working out well for me. How about for you what is your meal preparation strategy? 


“By Failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin.

If you are stuck at home and more so on a 256 SQM shoebox like me and want to stay active it's a challenge but we still have options to stay active. The question is what options do we have? How can we be deliberate about your plans on staying active during this period of extended isolation and separation we are going thru? What tools can you utilize existing tools and options out there?


1. Walking 3-5 days a week if this is allowed in your city. Just please have your mask ready while walking outside in case encounter a lot of people on your walking route. 

2. Following online videos for a specific workout program you want to follow. Yoga, kickboxing, or just regular stretching. 

3. Use a free workout application that is available out there

Your goal is to build a routine of staying active does it does not matter which option you choose.

Being Deliberate:

Have a target in mind and an eng goal, target to walk 3-5 times a week for the next three months for example. The outcome would be more in the line hmmm how do I feel on my first week of walking was I catching my breath? And during the end of the three-month period do I feel like I can walk forever. Remember to track it down too there is a lot of options out there to track your walk, on your phone does not matter if it is an Android or iPhone. 


1. With walking download an app Map My Walk is a good example of tracking your walks. Not a tool but make it a family event or a partner event. Bring your significant other or your kids and walk with them.

2. Head over to YouTube and search for a workout you want to do and you can do it at home, search kickboxing for example, or yoga.

3. Free workout apps one great example would be Rebel Together create by Nico Bolzico and Erwan Huesaff. 

Let me know your thoughts but leaving comments down below, let's stay active together in this together. 


Go Slow to Go Far, Go withFriends to Go Farther

It's 2016 and has most people have, we have new years resolutions right? Nah But as human beings we always have goals that we want to achieve, one of the goals I have this year is to eat better while working remotely.

I am currently on a workout program from Beachbody Hammer & Chisel, Beachbody combined two of their most popular workout program/coaches and created hammer and chisel. As their tagline indicates “Sculpt your ultimate physique in 60 days”. This is a 60 days workout program ranging which is mostly weights, balance, plyometrics, and I would say every day is Leg Day. As they always say abs are made in the kitchen right? Point taken, eating better is key to any workout regimen or just simply trying to stay healthy.

I’m currently on the tail end of week 3 and this mostly what fuels my body, what a better way than to show you in pictures. Working remotely makes it really straightforward since you have access to your kitchen, all the ingredients that you have at home.

Hammer and chisel come with the same containers for 21 Day Fix workout which helps you stay on point with your nutrition. But I found myself only measuring my nutrition for the first two days an pretty much after that I know how to eyeball and keep at the point with the portion intake for veggies, fruits, carbs, proteins, seeds & dressings, and healthy fats that are regimented for optimal result with the program. You can grab similar containers from Amazon View on Amazon.

Meal Prep Haven



Egg whites breakfast muffins/frittata are my go-to breakfast grub, pretty straightforward to make check out the recipe here. I make this ahead which makes it easy to grab right after I workout in the morning.


For lunch, my goto protein is fish currently I’m keeping it to sardines, tuna, and salmon. Combined it spinach or brussel sprouts for my veggies and then top it off with quinoa or sweet potatoes for the carbs.

Snacks and in between

Snacks and in between my go-to are hard-boiled eggs, strawberries, blackberries, and baby carrots.

So far been going smooth for the past 3 weeks, this is the time where you are on a workout plan that you hit a plateau and have to make an adjustment on either your nutrition or the intensity of the workout your performing. I will have to figure this out for the coming week. Been eating better and lost 10 lbs in the process, working remote definitely helps me eat better.


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